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The most enjoyable show of this season is Crazy For You, and it's here right now at the MALTZ JUPITER THEATRE. This is theater you don't have to think about. Just sit back and listen to the classic songs of the Gershwin Brothers, George and Ira, (including "Embraceable You," "I Got Rhythm" and "Someone to Watch Over Me".) Laugh along with Ken Ludwig's witty book. Marvel at Shea Sullivan's inspired choreography and Mark Martino's imaginative directing. Ogle at Jose M. Rivera's saucy costumes and the sexy girls inside them. Delight in all the marvels created by the technical crew. Perhaps above all, note the terrific young cast that's ben assembled just for this production.

The plot? It's standard Mickey and Judy: We're broke, so let's put on an expensive musical, only this time the setting is Nevada, long before Las Vegas became "Las Vegas!" Boy meets girl, except that in Crazy for You, many boys meet many girls.

In other words, this show resembles the great MGM musicals of yesteryear, the major difference being this is "live" theater as good as it gets, and Metro hasn't made an energetic, fun-filled film like this in at least a generation.

I cannot emphasize enough how good the stars are. Matt Loehr sings the way you want a Broadway entertainer to sing; he does athletic dances ala Gene Kelly and comic dances vaguely reminiscent of Ray Bolger; he also taps. (My Significant Other says I shouldn't compare him to Gene Kelly. He hasn't Kelly's charm. I say he's charming, and if he isn't yet, he's a star-in-the-making. See him now!) Vanessa Sonon is the delectable love interest, perfect for this role. I could go on and rave about the entire cast, all of whom are deserving of applause and the standing ovation everyone gets, but I haven't the space here.

Just drive north to Jupiter or walk if you must, and see the show. Sit down, relax, and feel sorry for the theater-lovers of New York City, who won't have the opportunity to enjoy this production with you.

As with so many MALTZ JUPITER THEATRE productions, the run of this show is much too short. Closing date is April 17, and the musical is almost completely sold out. For possible reservations, -- at any given time, there can be cancellations, -- and additional information, including next season's schedule, telephone 575-2223 or online: There's an added note: The Maltz is inviting folks of all ages to "become the next big star". It's a takeoff on "American Idol," with talented people asked to audition at the theater April 30 from noon to 8:00PM, the actual program to go on July 9. The Maltz Jupiter Theatre Guild is the sponsor.

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