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Call-In System w/Cell Phone

The procedure approved at the last Security Meeting for Call-In System Cell Phones is that each Association may take action as follows:
S.O.P. for use of cell phones to call-in system
January 2010
Considering the fact that the Associations are responsible for their guest policy, UCO has established the following procedures necessary to allow Cell Phone use when calling in their guests.
1. There must be a meeting of the Association Board at which a Quorum is present.
2. There must be a majority vote taken to allow Cell Phone use to call in guests ONLY when the residents are in residence.
3. Notification must be given to every Unit Owner (best is in writing) advising of this vote and new policy. Residents must also be advised that the first violation of this procedure will be cause to remove that cell phone number, used for call-in for the unit, from the Security list.

A letter must be written to UCO confirming that these things have been accomplished. The letter must be signed by two Board Officers and the Association Seal must be affixed.

Please bring this letter with a copy of the Minutes of the above referenced meeting to UCO to have your Association listed as a Cell Phone Use Association.

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Delegate Assembly - June 04, 2010 from David B Israel on Vimeo.

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August 2010 - UCO Open Meetings

Thurs. July 29 - Officers - 10:00 AM - UCO office
Mon.  Aug. 2 - Executive Board - 1:30 PM - Room B
Fri.  Aug. 6 - Delegate Assembly - 9:30 am - Theater
.....................Editorial Committee - 1 pm - UCO office
.....................Security Committee - 2 pm - UCO office
Tues. Aug. 10 - Transportation - 9:30 am - Room B
Wed. Aug.  11 - Cable training - 9:15 am - UCO office - by appointment
Thurs. Aug. 12 - Finance Committee - 10 am - UCO office
Fri. Aug. 13 - Maintenance - 10:00 am - Room A
Tues. Aug. 17 - Insurance - 10 am - UCO office
Thurs. Aug. 26 - Officers - 10:00 am UCO office
Mon. Aug. 30 - Executive Board - 1:30 pm - Room B
Tues. Aug. 31 - Operations - 10:00 am - UCO Office


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