Wednesday, April 21, 2010

XX Association - 2010 Info Form


Condo No. __________ Residents of this unit are:


and _____________________________________________

In case of EMERGENCY, please notify: _________________________________

Relationship __________ Address __________________________________

Phone No. _________________________________

And/Or: ________________________________________________________

FOR SEASONAL RESIDENTS - OFF-season information:

Address: ________________________________________________________

Phone No. ____________________________

All unit owners are required by Florida law, to carry HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE. Please advise as follows:

My policy is held by __________________________________________
(name of Insurance Company)

The renewal date is __________________________________________
(month) (year)

2nd floor owners - Do you have a hatch to the attic in your unit? _______

SPECIAL NEEDS (need for insulin, cannot navigate stairs, kosher food only, oxygen dependent or other considerations in emergency i.e. hurricane, power outage, etc.)


E-Mail address if applicable _________________________________________

In my absence the local CONTACT/condo care person is:


** Please return or mail this information to __________­_______, WPB, FL 33417 Thank You

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