Friday, October 30, 2009


Special to Century Village Owners

Knowing Your Association Rules Saves Many Problems
By Jim Hart

It is no secret that our area is growing at the fastest rate ever and with so many new residents moving into Condominiums, Co-Operatives, and Home Owners Associations we should pay attention to learning the rules.
RULE # 1 for the Community Association should be to understand that virtually NO ONE is in a position to understand the association "DOCUMENTS" written in lawyers’ English. Almost everyone I know simply puts them away with the other papers they receive at closing. No one impresses upon them that those papers are the LAW of the Association.
The best thing any association can do is to produce a three or four page condensed version of those documents highlighting the more important and more frequently abused rules. I know of associations who have done this at a minimum of cost and they even go so far as to have the new owner sign a statement to the affect that they have read these rules and understand them. Can you imagine how much grief this one little item can save for both the association as well as the new owner.
RULE # 1 for the new owners is to become familiar with the association rules and one of the best ways is to write down a list of questions and ask for a meeting with a member of the Board of Directors to address your questions.
Some of the questions might be along these lines: How early in the morning or how late in the evening can I use the laundry room? You see here, some associations have laundry rooms very close to living spaces. I do not drive, can I let someone with two cars use my parking space? Why can't I put all of my trash in one container, wet garbage, newspapers, cans and bottles? I own my apartment, why can't I let friends use it when I am not there? Why must I leave a key in the office? Why do I have to let the exterminator in my place each month? Why can't I hang some flower pots on the outside wall of my apartment? Do I need permission to enclose my patio with jalousie windows? And on and on.

I think you get my message and for all of you newcomers, "WELCOME".

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