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On behalf of your neighbors in Century Village and your elected officials at the United Civic Organization (UCO), we welcome you.

UCO represents your interests in our daily dealings with WPRF, who administers the Clubhouses, pools, and tennis courts. We provide Security, Transportation, Cable and many other aspects of our daily life. We also administer the road system throughout Century Village and provide contractual ambulance service. Most of us at UCO are volunteers. Every condo owner, like you, is a member of UCO and of his/her Association.

We have divided our village into four quadrants. Each of these quadrants enjoys the assistance and advice of one of our four Vice Presidents. This "hands-on" relationship helps to strengthen cooperation between UCO and our members and to improve communications between us.

We maintain a Bus Transportation service considered the best of its kind in Florida, with service both inside Century Village and outside, to malls, supermarkets, and other places.

We modernized our Security by introducing a Transponder system for residents who have cars and by computerizing our Visitor Call-In system. Both are considered state of the art improvements.

On your behalf, we entered into a contract which provides you with an elaborate cable setup at very economical rates. Another contract assures Ambulance service for you, your visitors and those working in your apartment, exclusive of contractors.

We centralized repairs and replacements of irrigation pumps which enable us to maintain our lawn watering at an economical cost. Irrigation has been installed throughout the Village around the perimeter roads, thus enabling us to further improve the appearance of our Village by additional plantings.

We intend to continue with further tree planting and beautification plans. All of our Associations are encouraged to do their share to enhance and beautify our village.

A State of the Art Fitness Center is fully operational at the Hastings Clubhouse

We have 28 committees, all staffed with volunteers. These committees are of immense help to UCO and especially to the Executive Board and Delegate Assembly. Their dedicated work cannot be praised enough.

There is always work to be done and we encourage you to take an active interest and participate in your Association business and the diverse committees of UCO.

We encourage you to read the monthly issue of the UCO Reporter, our excellent newspaper. It will give you up-to-date information on all that occurs in Century Village.

There is also a Web Site for Century Village (or Blog).

We also have our own information on TV cable channel #63.

You are invited to attend our monthly Delegate Assembly, which meets in the Clubhouse Theater the first Friday of each month at 9:30 a.m. These meetings are open to everyone.

From time to time we organize Work Shops, primarily for Officers and Board Members of the Building Associations. These meetings are open to you, whether you are a Board Member or not. The purpose of these meetings is to respond to questions of general interest, be it on UCO's plans or interpretation of Bylaws, or Florida Statutes Condominium Act 718.

Our Village is a beautiful place to live and enjoy. We have 14 pools, a Clubhouse, a Fitness Center, tennis courts, shuffle board courts, hand ball courts, Bocce courts, a Petanque court, sail boats, billiard rooms, and numerous clubs and classes. We enjoy dancing every Saturday evening in our Party Room, and movies in the Theater several times a week, both of which are free to residents. We have professional shows several times a week at reasonable prices.

Entry into Century Village by Residents (owners, renters, occupants)

As in all other phases of condominium living in Century Village, the distribution and use of our transponder has its rules and regulations. The advantages of having the transponder are obvious when we see the line of cars at our gates waiting to show IDs and gate passes to our Security Guards. It is certainly worth your time and effort to obtain the transponder from the UCO office by appointment on dates to be determined. To help please observe the following:

  1. Bring your Century Village ID, your current valid driver's license, and your valid auto registration, so that we may complete the sale of the transponder.

  2. A fee of $26.75 is charged for a new transponder. There will be no refunds. When you purchase a new auto, a replacement transponder may be purchased for $16.00. (Please return the old one.)

  3. A second transponder may be purchased for a second car provided there is a second licensed driver in residing in the same unit.

  4. A renter may obtain a transponder by presenting his/her Century Village ID, showing the expiration date on the current lease; the current car registration, and driver's license.

  5. Transponders may be sold to residents with long term leased cars with a copy of the lease, provided there is at least one year remaining on the lease.

  6. No commercial vehicles will be permitted to make use of transponders.

  7. Transponders are not transferable from one car to another. If you sell or trade your car, or give up your auto in any way, you must purchase a new transponder for your new car.

  8. A renter who renews his lease using his CV ID may have the update recorded at the UCO office so the transponder will continue to work.

  9. Please Note: Transponders are for the sole use of our residents, renters and occupants. A transponder may be rescinded by security for any violation of our Bylaws or rules, or breaking of the gate arms.

10.You must bring your car on your appointed date and time. We will place the transponder on the vehicle in a position where it works best.

Important Phone Numbers

  • 689-1759 — Visitors' Call-In System

  • 686-0961 — Haverhill Gate

  • 689-0432 — Okeechobee Gate, Emergency Phone to Security

  • 502-8103 — Security Rover Car

  • 640-3111 — WPRF Staff Office

  • 697-8000 — Florida Power & Light

  • 740-4600 — PBC County Water Dept.

Gate Passes will be issued with a Century Village resident ID.

A Gate Pass will allow only the person or persons named on the pass to enter Century Village. This pass will not give access to the clubhouse, pools, or any recreation facility. A Gate Pass may also be issued to maids, nurses and aides.

A resident may not be given a gate pass for a guest without presenting a valid CV Resident’s ID. In addition to showing his/her ID, the resident must submit the name of their guest. Guests may not bring in other guests. Renter ID and "Valid Until" ID have the same privileges as owners and residents.


  • Pass costs $1.25 for 30 days

  • Pass costs $2.50 for 60 days

  • Pass costs $3.25 for 90 days

  • Contractor passes are $16.00 for a month, $5.50 per week

  • Lost passes cost $3.25 for reissue

  • The alternative to a gate pass is a daily call to the visitor call-in system at 689-1759

Computer Entry System Instructions

(Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day)

How to admit guests, service providers, etc.

  1. Dial 689-1759 from home phone only.

  2. A computer will ask you to say only your visitor's name, slowly and clearly. Guests must know the name and address of the resident they are about to visit. Picture ID must be shown.

  3. Stay on the line until the computer advises your visitor is then authorized to enter — then hang up.

Important notes:

  1. No one will be admitted through our gates (either Haverhill or Okeechobee) without prior authorization.

  2. Best time to call is during non-peak hours. Peak hours are 8-10 a.m. and 5-6 p.m.

  3. Resident information can only be changed by filling out a form at the UCO office with the new information. (A current CV ID is necessary for all changes.)

  4. For emergency or special situations any day after 4 p.m., please call 686-0432.

  5. Information of guest's names is deleted after 8 a.m. the following day.

  6. The computer recognizes you by your home phone numbers — cell numbers are currently not accepted. It is not necessary to state your name and address.

Resident Information Sheets

As part of this package you will find a resident sheet. Please fill it in and bring it to the UCO office with your Century Village ID. The information you supply will be entered into the computer system at both gates and will enable you to:

  1. In order to enter the Village in the right lane at either gate, you need to have a working transponder.

  2. Call our computerized visitor call-in system to have your visitors admitted into Century Village at either gate.

Also included on the resident information sheet is a request for Occupant's Emergency Information. We wish to stress that it is to your benefit to have this information in our computers in case of an emergency.

Only one resident information sheet per unit should be submitted, listing all residents at that particular apartment. Should changes occur in the information you originally submitted, it is up to you to inform us of these changes so that information on the computers can be updated.

United Civic Organization, Inc.

Office: 2102 West Drive Phone: 683-9189 Fax: 683-9904

Office Hours: Mon-Thu 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. • Fri 12 noon - 4 p.m.

Investigation/Transponder Desks: Mon-Thu 9 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. • Fri 12 noon - 3:45 p.m.

UCO Reporter: (call for appt) 24 Camden A Phone: 683-9336 Fax: 683-2830

Delegate Assembly Meeting: The first Friday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the Clubhouse Theater.

Ambulance Service: Medics Ambulance Service

Contract Outline for Century Village

1. Basic Life Support Emergency Ambulance

When a call is made to 911, two ambulances arrive. If the patient is in a life-threatening situation, the County Fire Rescue will transport the patient to the nearest hospital. If the patient's condition is not life-threatening, the County Paramedic will direct Medics to take the patient to the hospital. As long as the patient is in a Medics vehicle, this trip is a covered service. This is included in the quarterly fee for ambulance that each unit pays.

2. Advance Life Support And Basic Life Support, Non-Emergency Ambulance (not 911)

When a patient needs to be transferred from one hospital to another for a higher level of care, Medics transports the patient and it is a covered service. When a patient needs to be transported from a hospital to a Nursing Home or Rehabilitation Center by ambulance, this is a covered service as well.

3. Non-Medical Stretcher Van (not an ambulance)

If a patient must lie down and needs to go from a Nursing Home or Rehabilitation to a Doctors appointment, it is a covered service. All medical appointment transportation is covered from or to any location in Palm Beach. All trips must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to the trip.

Notes to Newcomers

Welcome to Paradise! Once you settle in, you'll find Century Village is truly the best place in the world to live. But first, you may need some assistance with the various rules/requests:

  1. If you have a car and park it in front of your unit, it must be "face-in" — for two reasons, which if you think about it, make sense. (1) Exhaust fumes can be dangerous to those in the ground floor units if windows are open, and (2) Your license tag should be visible to law enforcement officers.

  2. Cars have only one license plate, known as a "Tag." When you are ready, drive south on Military Trail (almost to Lake Worth) to the Tax Assessor's Office (not the Motor Vehicle Department). You will be confronted with a choice of almost 100 different specialty plates, at an extra cost. This allows you to donate to your favorite cause, such as a school, sports team, or perhaps Save the Manatees. At normal prices, you get two oranges.

  3. Now you're ready to get your Florida driver's license — even if you do not drive. Yes, we have driver's licenses for non-drivers for identification purposes. These have your photo and state clearly "not a driver's license" on the front. Confused? Just get one — it will save you a lot of heartache later on when you are required, for any reason, to provide photo ID (banks will not cash an out of state check — even the supermarket requires photo ID before accepting your credit card). The Motor Vehicle office is also on Military Trail, near Mounts Botanical Gardens, and there is always a long line. However, you can phone for an appointment - really!

  4. Best choice is to give up driving entirely and use our internal and external bus system, which is among the best anywhere. Read the bus schedule on the last page of the Reporter, determine your area, sit on a bench ten minutes before the bus is due, and just ride for the fun of it, to see where it goes. Examples: Gardens Mall, Wellington Green, casinos, library, beauty parlor, as well as several restaurants. Gossip on the bus is rarely founded on facts, but will give you a laugh.

  5. As for trash: It's most important to bag your food waste and place it in the green Dumpster. But do not use this Dumpster for construction debris, such as from remodeling or renovating and repairing. Items such as sinks, refrigerators and stoves should be taken away by the company delivering the new ones. Contractors should agree to remove their debris, and you should insist upon this before signing a contract. Furniture that is in good condition and can be re-used may be picked up by Faith Farms (737-2222) or B'nai B'rith (1-888-626-6580) and possibly become a charitable deduction on your tax return. Anything else may be picked up by Oveolia, not hidden behind the Dumpster — items must be accessible to their trucks. Phone them at 471-6110 to find out when to put out your stuff.

  6. General Info — besides the UCO Reporter, we receive The Advocate monthly. It will be found on your doorknob inside a clear plastic bag. Save the bag, because some day, you'll have to drop something off at someone else's door — the doorknob bag system works! On Tuesdays, the Jewish Journal is available at the Health Club, and on Wednesdays, you'll find the Condo News there. Both of these have many items of interest, as well as ads for local restaurants, some with discount coupons.

  7. Mark your calendar to attend the monthly Delegate Meeting the first Friday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the Clubhouse theater. This is a great source of information as well as an inside look at how our village operates. Ask questions! Visit the UCO office and volunteer to help for a few hours each week. Meet new people and make new friends. Join a club or two. Offer to serve on the Board of your own building's association. Help make decisions.

Organization News

Amit Rishona Chapter: Come to our monthly meeting on Tue, Nov 20, at 1:00 pm (collation at 12 noon). Other coming events: Dec 12, luncheon and games at CV CH (Bess, 478-0735); Jan 13, 2-5 pm, Israeli film at the CH (Ellie, 471-4935); Mar 7, ann dinner at Aitz Chaim (call Bess).

Congregation Anshei Sholom Adult Education
         Congregation Anshei Sholom will have two adult education courses beginning in November.
         Sara Farkas, an Israeli native and member of the congregation, will lead a course in conversational Hebrew. Sara is an accomplished teacher.
         Those members of the congregation who took the course last year were very impressed by the caliber of the teaching.
         No prior knowledge of Hebrew is required.
         Rabbi Michael Korman will lead a course entitled "Great Jewish Thinkers: Their Impact on Judaism."
         Rabbi Korman, the spiritual leader of the congregation, is an experienced education administrator and college professor.
         Both courses will run from November to March on Monday mornings at the Temple. They are free to members only (nonmembers pay).
         For further information, contact the Temple office any weekday morning 684-3212.

B'nai B'rith Century: We meet every 4th Sun, 9:30 am, for breakfast meeting at Congregation Anshei Sholom. For more info, call Arnold Rimm, 689-1918.

Brooklyn U.S.A.: Will meet on Wed, Oct 14, 1:30 in the Party Room. Coming events: Oct 16, dessert social for paid-up members; Nov 15, Italian lunch & entertainment; Dec 17, BBQ and boat trip on the Jungle Queen; Jan 17, mystery bus trip; Feb 21, annual luncheon/dance; Mar 16-18, 3 day/2 nite trip to Key West. Elayne, 688-8151; Steve, 242-0481; Rose, 683-1564.

Canadian Club: Meets 4th Wed, Party Room of CH, 1:00 pm. Membership open to all. Lots of great activities. Betty, 684-0766; Franne, 478-9526; Madelaine, 684-5595.

Century Village Gun Club: Meets 2nd Tue, 7:00 pm, Classroom B. You don’t have to own a weapon. Everything is free. This fall, we have a great lineup of speakers. We were sponsored by Humana Insurance for free range time at the Gator Gun Center on Sep 9. Ladies are invited. George, 471-9929.

Century Village Orchestra: We practice every Mon, 1:15-3:45, in the CH, Room C (Oct 26-Mar 20). We play 3 concerts each year. We welcome all pros and amateurs who enjoy playing with a group. We would like to add a conductor, more violins, violas, cellos, bass, bassoons and percussion players to our orchestra. Rickie, 683-0869.

Century Village Symphony Orchestra Annual Concert: We will perform The Poet and Peasant Overture, Concertino for Piano in A Minor, The Russian Sailors’ Dance, El Relicario, And the Angels Sing, New World Symphony (4th Movement) and selections from The Phantom of the Opera and My Fair Lady on Thu, Mar 13, 8:00 pm at the CH Theatre. Tickets are on sale now at the ticket office.

Christian Club: We meet 1st Wed, 1:00 pm, Party Room of CH. Coming event: Oct 27, Seminole Coconut Creek Casino, bus leaves College Park Plaza at 9:00 am and Casino at 3:00 pm, price incl driver tip, lunch buffet at Fresh Harvest, free play tickets. Rose, 641-0014; Grace, 640-5229.

Congregation Anshei Sholom: We welcome you to our temple family. Attend our daily Minyans and Shabbat services Fri eve at 8:00 and Sat morn at 8:45. Sisterhood mini-luncheon every 3rd Tue. Other events: Sep 28, Break the Fast, holiday seats avail @ $10. Rae 478-3221; the Temple, 684-3212

Deborah Hospital Foundation: Now meets 2nd Fri in CH Party Room at 11:00 am.

Democratic Club of Century Village: Meet in Party Room, Sep 22 at 1:30 pm (note new loc). All Democrats are welcome.

Duplicate Bridge at Hastings Clubhouse: Every Mon at 7:00 pm and Wed at 1:00 pm. If you need a partner, call Mimi, 697-2710, leave message.

Evangelical Christian Networking Club: Meets 1st Fri, 6:30 pm, Classroom B of CH. We share relevant info among ourselves and with our community. Dee, 827-8748; Steve, 389-5300.

Greater Philadelphia Club: Elaine, 615-6697.

Hadassah, Judith Epstein Chapter at CVWPB: Meets 3rd Wed at 11:45 am for mini-lunch, 12:30 meeting at Cong Anshei Sholom. Suzanne, 686-4241.

Holocaust Survivors of the Palm Beaches: Meet 2nd Wed, 9:30 am, in Anshei Sholom. Our first meet of the season will be Oct 14, then Nov 11. On Sun, Dec 20, we are having our Chanukah Party, a kosher meal and dancing. We return to regular meets on Jan 14 and Feb 11. In Mar, it's a Purim Party. In Apr, it's Yom-Hashoa. Kathy, 689-0393.

Irish-American Cultural Club of CV: Meets 1st Tue in CH, 2:00 pm, Room C. For info, call Robert, 917-704-0223.

Italian-American Culture Club: Bowling at Verdes Lanes starting Sat, Oct 31, 9:00. Join your friends for a morning of fun. Fran, 616-3314.

Jewish War Veterans Post #501: Meets 1st Sun, Anshei Sholom. Breakfast at 9:00; meeting at 9:30; meets from Sep to May with guest speakers. Activities include servicing VA patients. Ralph, 689-1271; Howard, 478-2780.

Jewish War Veterans Post #520: Meets 4th Sun at Elks Lodge, Belvedere Rd. Continental breakfast at 9:00, followed by general meeting. Come as our guest and see what we’re all about! Walt, 478-6521; Phil, 686-2086.

Jewish War Veterans Ladies Auxiliary Post #520: Meets 3rd Mon at The Classic. A continental breakfast is served at 9:00 am, followed by our meeting. Our efforts go to creating welcome kits for the veterans at the VA Center at Military Trail and various positions at the Center. We find our volunteer work helpful and rewarding and welcome new members. Dorothy, 478-6521.

Knights of Pythias: You are invited to join Palm Beach Rainbow Lodge #203, meet 2nd and 4th Mon at North County Senior Center, Northlake Blvd. We welcome new members, duals, reinstatements and transferees from out of state. We are a fraternal brotherhood fostering the credo of friendship, charity, benevolence. Mike, 615-0218.

Na'Amat USA (Pioneer Women): Meets 4th Tue, 1:00 pm, at Cypress Lakes Auditorium for mini-lunch and interesting programs, guests are always welcome. For info, call Rhoda, 478-8559. Coming events: Oct 13-27, fabulous 15-day deluxe trip to Israel, space is ltd (Sylvia, 686-5350); Dec 4-13, special 9 nite Caribbean cruise on the NCL Dawn incl round-trip bus trans to Miami and 6 exotic ports of call (Sylvia, 686-5350; Marlene, 684-8357).

OWLS (Older-Wiser-Loyal-Seniors): Come to our meets every 2nd Mon, 3:00 pm, Party Room; see what we have planned.

Yiddish Advanced Reading Group: Menke Katz Reading Circle invites readers to join group headed by Troim Handler. Currently reading Night by Elie Wiesel in Yiddish. Meetings are twice a month in private homes. Troim, 684-8686.

Yiddish Culture Chorus: 50 members, men and women. Leader is Shelley K. Tenzer. Knowledge of Yiddish not necessary. Edy, 687-4255.

Yiddish Vinkl: An informal group of Yiddish lovers who gather to speak, hear and sing the language, this group is under the guidance of Edy Sharon. Meetings are held 1st and 3rd Sun from 1:30 to 3:00 pm year-round. For info, call Edy, 687-4255.

For more organization news, see CV Channel 63.

Important Address’

UCO Mailing Address
United Civic Organization
2102 West Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33417

Reporter Mailing Address
UCO Reporter
24 Camden A
West Palm Beach, FL 33417

WPRF Billing Address
W.P.R.F., Inc.
Accounts Receivable
1601 Forum Place, Suite 500
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Important Numbers

Handy Reference
Important telephone numbers to keep handy:
UCO Office Tel
UCO Office Fax
UCO Reporter Newspaper Tel
UCO Reporter Newspaper Fax
Visitors Call-In System
WPRF Accounts Receivable
WPRF I.D. Office
WPRF Management
WPRF Staff Office
Clubhouse (Main)
Hastings Fitness Center
Security (West Gate)
Security (East Gate)
Police, Fire, Ambulance
Senior HelpLine
Consumer HelpLine
Credit Counseling
Palm Tran
Palm Tran Connection
Tri-Rail Transit
Homesteaders Application
Voters Information
Florida Power & Light
697-8000 • 1-800-468-8243
Palm Beach Water Department
AT&T (our telephone provider)
Comcast Cable (Rep for CV)
Water Utility of PBC Customer Service
Alzheimer's Crisis Line
American Red Cross
1-866-GET-INFO (438-4636)
Columbia Hospital
Good Samaritan Hospital
JFK Hospital
Palm Beach Gardens Hospital
Palms West Hospital
St. Mary's Hospital
Wellington Regional Hospital
WPB VA Medical Center
ECM Appliance Services
Hospice of Palm Beach County
Village Mutual
Gallagher Management
Pruitt Management
Prime Management
Seacrest Management
State Senator Dave Aronberg
State Representative Mark Pafford
County Commissioner Jeff Koons
Representative Alcee Hastings
Representative Ron Klein
Representative Robert Wexler
Senator Bill Nelson
Senator Mel Martinez

Social Security

About Channel 63

Century Village has a closed-circuit television channel that keeps us constantly informed about what is happening in our condo community, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our cable provider supplies us with the resources to broadcast service-oriented programming.
From six minutes before the hour to six minutes after, Channel 63 broadcasts information regarding UCO meetings, when and where they take place. During the odd hours, information about classes and other announcements take place. During the even hours, all clubs and groups are highlighted.

The week after a Delegate Meeting, Channel 63 will rebroadcast said meeting weekdays beginning at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

If you have a group or other announcement that you would like to see on 63, being your request to the UCO office on 2102 West Drive and it should be on air within the next week. Thank you for watching.

Notes to Notice

Anita Cruz is WPRF Vice President in charge of the Clubhouse.

Meet the New CAM
Rodger Carver is our new Community Association Manager.

Mostly woffle in italics ----

I Want My CVTV!
CV Channel 63 is on the air, keeping Villagers informed on UCO matters and Village organizations. If you have items that you'd like to put on Channel 63, come to the UCO office and ask for the special form.

Paper Lion
This Web site provides unique services, including a link to our forum. The Reporter is just as global: Snowbird Villagers can request the whole paper sent to them in an SASE. Look up the latest rates on the Internet. Only stamped 10" by 13" envelopes, no cash. To see the entire UCO Reporter online,
click here.

Transponders by Appointment Only
Transponders will only be dispensed at the UCO office. Residents will have to make an appointment to obtain them at 683-9189.

This Doctor Makes Condo Calls
Sinai Medical Center inside Century Village, located just before the Clubhouse — the Physicians specialize in the treatment of, to name a few: Gynecological Problems, Hypertension, Diabetes, Dermatology, Respiratory Ailments, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Arthritis Pain Management, Diet and Weight Loss and other health problems. Free Scheduled Transportation is offered.

Village Drug Store in Business
Walgreens is the new operator of the Village drug store as of May 2009. If you have a prescription, they will fill it. They also sell over-the-counter medications, food and other sundries that you come to expect from pharmacies outside our campus.

The Cable is Able
A contract has been signed with Comcast to provide cable service for ten years, starting July 1, 2009, ending January 2020. As part of the deal, we will receive 83 channels, including 48 music channels, channels lost to digital restored to the lineup, and a video-on-demand channel, featuring pay-per-view and free content. As part of the deal, we will receive one (1) digital receiver box and remote control per unit; additional boxes can be ordered, but will not have full service.

Take the Bus to the Book
Bus service is available to the Library outside of the West Gate. For your convenience, you may also visit the Library using the following link:

Medics Wheelchair/Ambulance Service
Medics provides wheelchair service for CV residents: Fully staffed and trained wheelchair van and driver; resident must provide own wheelchair; operating Monday-Friday 9am-4pm; pickup and drop off must be within Palm Beach County; service is for residents with medical infirmaries and shall not be used as a taxi service; may only be used as transport to/from nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers and the like; residents must schedule transport a minimum of 24 hours in advance; appointments are made on first-come-first-serve basis and are subject to availability; transport does not provide medical attention. For more info, call 659-7400.

Channel 63 Memo
On the even hours (2-4-6-8-10-12 am and pm), you will have the Organizations and Clubs showing. On the odd hours (1-3-5-7-9-11 am and pm), you will see Announcements and Classes. Six (6) minutes before until six (6) minutes past the hour will be UCO meetings. The Delegate Assembly meeting is rebroadcast the week after weekdays at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Basic Disaster Supply Kit

Everyone needs to prepare for emergency situations, but shopping can be expensive and strenuous. Shopping for items a little at a time before an event can reduce the stress of recovery by avoiding long lines and empty shelves.


  • 1 gallon of water* per person per day for at least 5 days, for drinking and sanitation

  • Sandwich bread (freeze until needed)

  • 2 cans of ready to eat soup

  • 1 box of crackers and/or granola bars

  • Dry cereal/Pop Tarts

  • 4 cans of fruit (2-4 pack)

  • 5 cans of meat (tuna, chicken, Vienna sausages, corn beef hash)

  • 4 cans of vegetables (beans, baked beans, corn, peas)

  • 1 jar of jelly or jam

  • 1 jar of peanut butter

  • 1 large can of juice (4 pack)

  • Instant coffee/tea/powdered drinks

  • Powdered or boxed milk

* If you choose to use your own storage containers, choose two-liter plastic soft drink bottles — not plastic jugs or cardboard containers that have had milk or juice in them.

Sanitize the bottles by adding a solution of one teaspoon of non-scented liquid chlorine bleach to a quart of water. Swish the sanitizing solution in the bottle so that it touches all surfaces. After sanitizing the bottle, thoroughly rinse out the sanitizing solution with clean water.

Fill the bottle to the top with regular tap water. If needed, add two drops of non-scented bleach to the water. Tightly close the container with the original cap. Be careful not to contaminate the cap by touching the inside with your fingers. Place a date on the outside of the bottle — replace every six months.


  • Large plastic zip-lock bags

  • Plastic wrap

  • Aluminum foil

  • Assorted plastic containers with lids

  • Heavy duty garbage bags

  • Waterproof portable container with lid (to store disaster supplies)

Other Supplies:

  • Paper plates

  • Plastic or paper cups

  • Plastic eating utensils

  • Tissues

  • 2 rolls of paper towels

  • 4 rolls of toilet paper

  • Liquid dish soap

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Sunscreen

  • Matches/lighter

  • 2 pairs of latex gloves

  • Broom, mop and bucket

  • Unscented liquid bleach


  • 1 bottle of shampoo

  • 1 box hand sanitizer wipes

  • 1 tube of toothpaste

  • Deodorant

  • Extra supply of prescriptions

  • Oxygen

  • Contact lens solution

  • Extra pair of glasses

  • Extra hearing aid batteries

  • Items for denture care

First Aid:

  • Antiseptic

  • Anti-diarrhea medicine

  • Aspirin and/or acetaminophen

  • Adult vitamins (if needed)

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • Band-Aids (assorted sizes)

  • Roll of gauze or bandages

  • First aid tape

  • Petroleum jelly

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Tweezers

Your Property:

Before hurricane season, make a complete inventory of your valuables and personal property. Take a photo inventory and mail a copy to your out-of-town contact. This will be very important should you need to make an insurance claim.

Be sure you put all your important papers together in a waterproof bag or plastic container: Photocopies of credit cards, insurance and Social Security cards. Don't forget your insurance properties and other documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, three years of your IRS returns, mortgage, and wills, to name a few.

Other Disaster Supplies:

  • Battery powered lantern

  • Battery powered radio

  • Flashlight(s)

  • Extra batteries (correct sizes)

  • Extra flashlight bulbs

  • Portable camp stove or grill — do not use inside

  • Fuel for stove and grill

  • Video or disposable camera

  • Fire extinguisher — know where it is in your building

  • Extra change of clothes

Special Needs Shelter:

The county special needs shelter only accepts residents with a physical condition requiring medical or nursing care.

  • Need nursing assistance with medications or medical care assistance

  • Monitoring vital signs or medical condition or activities of daily living, but do not require hospitalization

  • Need constant electrical power for medical equipment

Pre-registration is required for individuals needing to use the special needs shelter.

Have Patience

Damage after a hurricane is unpredictable. It can take several days — this is why you need supplies for at least five days, preferable to have 7-10 days of supplies. In some cases, it can take several days to restore power, phone, water and cable television. You should have a landline phone — cell and portable phones may not work.

Prepare. Plan ahead.

Ask your neighbor from upstairs to join you and keep you company. Don't forget your out-of-state contact

Investigation Department Procedures

A contract for purchase or transfer of a deed or lease (if rental) must be given to the Condominium Association. This must be accompanied by a $100 check made out to the Association for the investigation. The Association deposits this check and issues an Association check for $100 made out to UCO. A married couple will be one (1) investigation. A marriage certificate is needed if the names are different. All other requests will require separate investigations; therefore, checks will be required for each investigation. Anyone can bring the contract, etc., together with the check to UCO. An application will be given to the bearer of the contract and the check.

The completed original application must be returned to the Condominium Association. It should be examined immediately for completeness (proof of income, proof of age, if mortgaged — a commitment letter). Page #4 is to be notarized as the thirty (30) day* time clock for approval or rejection starts when all necessary information is received at UCO.

A condo board member must sign page #4 of the application before it is returned to UCO for the investigation to begin. This will affirm that the Association has screened the application and is aware of it.

Anyone can bring the completed application, after being signed by a Board Member, to UCO, for the investigation process to begin.

Only a Condominium Officer or Board Member can pick up the completed investigation report. It is a confidential report and the Officer or Board Member will be made aware of the report's contents.

* unless a shorter period is provided in the Association's documents.

Gate Pass Procedures (should move to Gate Passes)

Gate passes for allowing relatives in to check on the owner's units (no overnight stays) while the unit owner is away requires the following:

  • A note from an Officer from that Association with the Seal that allows entrance.

  • A copy of the unit owner's Century Village I.D.

New Owner Without Residency

Go to WPRF I.D. Office.

The temporary owner's pass will be for a maximum of one month.

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